mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015


As the rain just use to fall

As the wind use to whispers on .. the roofs

As the sea use to be wild

As a caress use to be mild

As the sun just use to shine

 Just remember that you are mine

is is true i’m here alone

sitting down with my glassses on

while my thoughs fly around

and my ears try to get a sound

looking for the right chords

which belong

which belong  to this song

as the autumn use to be red

as the clouds use to be high

as the earth use to turn around

as the sky use to be bright

so my Darling just remember

that you are mine


as the paper use be white

‘till a pen stain it down

as the time use to pass by

like a king with a his dusty crown

so i’m sitting on a rollercoaster throne

wondering where am i go..


it’s so hard to make it right

little aliens are my fingers to me

while trying to find the way

to play this  song  that i wanna sing

i swear i wanna make it

oh Lord, and i will