mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009

per il mio amico Richard di Anchorage Ak

once upon a time there was a lake
the biggest one in all the States
there was insects, frogs and snakes
all togheter for a sunny shake!
not too far, on a big rock green
there was a 'gator named Rick
he was the biggest ever
been looking around and laying on the beach
. in a sunny day from far away
came a little 'gator, saying: "hey!
would you please show me the way?"
but no one heard what she said.
whit his little smart blue eyes
looking in two ways at the same time
the big 'gator, from where he lies
heard the little one who cried
"come this way my little friend
don't you know i'm here to help and understand?
yell the 'gator and raise his hand
come to me and share this land!"
While the flies and frogs and snakes
stop playing and watch the scene
the little 'gator from another states
join the place where friendship ever been.

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